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Le Chemin is more than an ideal; it's a way of life.
It's a community that seeks, that moves, that works, that wants to live and wants to give.
It's a family that loves, laughs and cries sometimes.
It's English and French under the same roof, learning to understand each other.
It's Whites and Blacks, First Nations and many others,
together writing the words 'respect' and 'honour'.
It's young people who throw off the statistics because they are the best in the world
and we love them like our own flesh.
It's couples who fight to last and singles who don't let themselves be knocked down.
It's men and women who don't like injustice and who want a better earth,
a bigger sky, with more birds and more light.
It's a community of humans, fragile and sensitive, who still dare to dream.
It's a bride who awaits her King.
It's an army of artists painting the face of Jesus in the city.